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Update 2/8/14: Circular Logic

Posted by daviddalegearhead On February 9, 2014 Comments Off on Update 2/8/14: Circular Logic

We spent this week working on the code and some finishing touches for the robot. Programmers decided to switch from some fancier techniques we were trying to learn to some simpler ones from last year-the more complicated techniques made it a very stressful week for some of us code monkeys.  The more simple code was easily deployed  [ Read More ]

Update 2/2/14, Dorito Dust

Posted by FSkiwi10 On February 1, 2014 Comments Off on Update 2/2/14, Dorito Dust

So far it's been another hard-working week, with the earlier accomplishments being the power wiring for our robot and screwing on the plexiglass to protect it. Pneumatics of the main lift and wiring in of our new air compressor have been another task at hand. Last year we had a large air compressor that had poor efficiency,  [ Read More ]