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Week Three

Posted by Nathan Block On January 26, 2016 Comments Off

We are nearing the midpoint of build season and we have a final design for our scissor lift. We are currently assembling our robot's frame and picking out our motors.  Share

Week 2

Posted by Nathan Block On January 18, 2016 Comments Off

It is the second week of build season and we have progressed by leaps and bounds. We have created prototypes for our claw and ball launcher ideas and are putting them through a series of tests. We also are working on 2016 members and mentors pages for the website.  Share

3,2,1, Go!

Posted by Nathan Block On January 12, 2016 Comments Off

It has been four days since kickoff and we have decided what our robot will do this year. We are planning on being a low robot to fit under the Low Bar, be able to cross over almost every obstacle, assist other robots with crossing obstacles, and hang on the scoring rung on the opposing  [ Read More ]

FRC Kickoff 2016: FIRST Stronghold!

Posted by daviddalegearhead On January 9, 2016 Comments Off

The day is here at last: the first day of build season. We met up early this morning at SCSU to watch the kickoff video and pick up the kit of parts. The kickoff webcast gave us a few good laughs with the Monty Python references (not shown in the game animation below.). We then  [ Read More ]

5 Days Til Kickoff!

Posted by Nathan Block On January 4, 2016 Comments Off

Kickoff is Saturday, January 9th, and we are excited! We'll be meeting all week to take advantage of the break to get ready. You are invited to join us at Ritsche auditorium on the St. Cloud State Campus, January 9th, at 9:00 AM. We are also teaching a new member how to code to replace our graduating  [ Read More ]