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We did great!

Posted by Nathan Block On October 18, 2016 Comments Off on We did great!

Saturday we participated in the MRI (Minnesota Robotics Invitational). We had a great time and we placed 7th out of 35 teams. We were picked to be the backup robot for the third seed alliance. Our alliance defeated the second seed alliance, and during the first match against the first seed alliance one of the robots on our  [ Read More ]

What’s happening now?

Posted by Nathan Block On October 11, 2016 Comments Off on What’s happening now?

On Saturday we, the Granite City Gearheads, went to Alexandria Industries for their open house as part of the National Tour of Manufacturing.. We were glad to have been asked to come and show off our robot. It was a fun day for all of our team members who were able to come.  (Thank you Alan Block  [ Read More ]

Pepfest and robots

Posted by Nathan Block On October 4, 2016 Comments Off on Pepfest and robots

Last Friday Apollo had its Pepfest parade, and we participated. We drove Sir Ants-a-bot trough the halls waving the flag we twist tied to the scissor lift and fired our boulder for all to see. We are currently working on a parody to submit for this years competition. We also â€‹have new members learning animation and we are  [ Read More ]