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Wiring and Programming

Posted by Lori Dale On November 29, 2016 Comments Off

This week the team worked on wiring the test bot, and Rose and Cyrus are working on learning more about how to program robots.  We are all anxiously waiting for Kick Off of the 2017 build season, and finding out what the challenge is for the year.  (That happens on Jan. 7th, which is less than  [ Read More ]

Light Sabres Visit

Posted by Lori Dale On November 22, 2016 Comments Off

This week some members of the Light Sabres, the FRC team from Sartell (team 6045), came to visit us.  They came to see how we program our robots.  It is always fun to meet members of other teams and get the chance to see how things work at another school. Meanwhile, a few of our team  [ Read More ]

Animation Animated?

Posted by Nathan Block On November 15, 2016 Comments Off

Our animation team has recently decided not to do a safety animation this year, but instead to try for the Digital Animation Award. The animation for the Digital Animation Award is longer in length, more imaginative, more in depth animation, and is due later than the safety animation. We have also had our build members work on  [ Read More ]

How to Build for New Recruits pt. 2

Posted by Lori Dale On November 8, 2016 Comments Off

This week the Gearheads continued to work on putting together a test bot.  The team worked on the frame, organizing sprockets for later use, and cutting out the base on which the components will be mounted. We plan to start wiring soon.  We also are planning on building our own toolbox on wheels to help in  [ Read More ]

How to Build For Recruits

Posted by Nathan Block On November 1, 2016 Comments Off

We are very honored to have been invited to be a part of the District 742 Educational Expo.  It is the same day and time as Kick Off,  HERE is a link to the countdown to Kick Off and the Expo! Hopefully we will see you at one or the other event. (Some of the team  [ Read More ]