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Last Meet Before Christmas

Posted by Nathan Block On December 20, 2016 Comments Off on Last Meet Before Christmas

Monday was our last team meeting until after Christmas. We talked about Kickoff, which is the 7th of January, and where to meet before the event. (Details will be in next weeks blog.) For many of the team members, it will be their first Kickoff.  We also had our build team work on our new tool carts  [ Read More ]

Building to the Top!

Posted by Nathan Block On December 13, 2016 Comments Off on Building to the Top!

Monday, the team met and started putting the test bot together. We almost got it driving!  We worked on the wheels and belts, and churros.  Then securing connections in the wiring.  Rose and Corey worked on programming and getting the robot to drive, and we were so close! The programming problem was small, by the end of next meeting  [ Read More ]

Test Bot and Candybot

Posted by Nathan Block On December 6, 2016 Comments Off on Test Bot and Candybot

Our build team has recently worked on assembling and disassembling the test bot drive chassis. Today the team worked on wheel and belt assembly.  A few team members also worked on organizing our supplies into new totes that will go into a rolling tool bench.  The totes and the parts for the bench were puchased thanks  [ Read More ]