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Robot Reveal

Posted by Lori Dale On February 28, 2017 Comments Off on Robot Reveal

As promised, here is the video of this years robot, tentatively named "Hungry Von Hippo".  This is a compilation of videos filmed the night of Stop Build, shortly before we "Bagged and Tagged".   In other news, the team is working on a test bot, for the drivers to practice on, and working on a  [ Read More ]

Hungry Von Hippo Goes on a Diet

Posted by Nathan Block On February 22, 2017 Comments Off on Hungry Von Hippo Goes on a Diet

Three days before the end of  "build season" our team put our robot on a diet. We took it apart and drilled holes into almost every surface and reassembled it in less than two days. Our robot now looks like swiss cheese. It is now "bagged and tagged", and the team will move on to  [ Read More ]

Running Out of Time

Posted by Nathan Block On February 14, 2017 Comments Off on Running Out of Time

We have our competition robot running and just in time too! We have about one week left before stop build. This Monday night we tested out the subsytems, even climbing!  Here is a video of our climber in action. We plan on a few tweaks, but this is pretty much how it will work.  In the last  [ Read More ]

Time Flies!

Posted by Nathan Block On February 7, 2017 Comments Off on Time Flies!

We have just 2 weeks to finish our robot! Our build team is currently assembling gearboxes with reduced weight for our competition robot and fine tuning the frame of our robot. Our more experienced build members are working on building our fuel hopper. Another thing we are building is our rope climbing mechanism. We also have  [ Read More ]