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New Mascot, and P.I.E. awards

Posted by Nathan Block On March 28, 2017 Comments Off

We are working on our new mascot bottom. Here is a little "teaser".   In case you can't tell, we are painting an orange gear onto the tote used for the bottom.  Fun changes are coming, but we will leave that a surprise for when its done, hopefully next week.   We are also driving Sir  [ Read More ]

Two Weeks!

Posted by Nathan Block On March 21, 2017 Comments Off

There are only two weeks left before our competition and we are ecstatic! Our members have finished working on bumpers for our robot and are now planning for competition. We have also demoed for two of our sponsors last week and the Albany team also demoed with us. Here are some pictures!        [ Read More ]

Competition is Coming!

Posted by Nathan Block On March 14, 2017 Comments Off
Map to Williams Arena

Competition is just around the corner and we want you to come and cheer us on!  (Wear orange if you have any.) Competition is April 5th-8th at Williams arena on The U of M campus. You can find a map below. On a side note, we are working on bumpers and we will be demoing twice this week  [ Read More ]

Competition Countdown!

Posted by Nathan Block On March 7, 2017 Comments Off

Build season is over and the team is hard at work building a practice bot for our drive team. Today, our lead driver got in some practice time.  Here is a compliation of some of the practice runs. (We cannot leave the gear with the practice bot.  The slot does not move like the one on the  [ Read More ]