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Showing Pellco our robot!

Posted by carrie block On April 25, 2017 Comments Off

This week we took our robot to one of our sponsors, Pellco. Once we arrived, we unloaded our robot and set up our game pieces. Once we were ready, we had some of the employees come over for an explanation of what we did, and watch a demonstration of our robot in action. After that, we  [ Read More ]

Future team activities and events

Posted by Lori Dale On April 19, 2017 Comments Off

We are now in the "post regional" phase of our year, but that does not mean that we are done for the year.  Though build season is our busiest time of year, the Gearheads and FIRST have optional events year round. We have several things on the calendar to keep us busy until next build  [ Read More ]

The final day of competition

Posted by Lori Dale On April 9, 2017 Comments Off

Saturday we had 2 matches.  Statistically we split them, winning our first match, and losing our second match.  We ended up with a record of 3 wins, 4 losses and 1 tie,  and ranked 36th.  While we are not happy with those numbers, we can be very proud of how our robot performed.  In both of  [ Read More ]

Wrapping up the day…

Posted by Lori Dale On April 7, 2017 Comments Off

We finished the day with 2 wins, 3 losses and 1 tie.  Sounds kind of sad, if you don't know how FIRST works and understand that alliances can be a gamble.  That is the difference between how our matches came out yesterday and today.  For example, in our last match (a loss) we scored 5 out  [ Read More ]

A rough few first matches.

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It’s been a good news/bad news kind of day, so far. On the plus side, we have hung every match, and we’re able to deliver several gears. Our match points are high even though our rank is low. On the minus side, we’ve had a rough few first matches. We lost our first match by  [ Read More ]

Today was a Great day!

Posted by Lori Dale On April 6, 2017 Comments Off

Today was practice day. We were scheduled to compete in 4 matches, and filled in for missing robots in 2 matches, at the end of the day we had 4 successful climbs, several gear deliveries, and a record of 5 wins, 1 tie, and 0 losses! Go Gearheads!!! "Hungry von Hippo" finishes a successful climb.  Schedule for  [ Read More ]

Thursday Practice Match Times

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We have some practice matches coming up this afternoon.  12:45 2:12 4:15 5:18 Because of the fact that these are practice matches, we might miss some if the robot needs fine tuning. Plenty of open slots exist in practice matches, so if you’re watching the live stream you may see us outside the listed times as well.  [ Read More ]

Competition Crunch

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Updated Mascot gimped

Our competition will be this Friday and Saturday at the U of M in Minneapolis. We want everyone to come and watch us compete. If you cannot make it to our competition in person, you can still watch by visiting The Blue Alliance. On The Blue Alliance web page, you can watch all the 10,000  [ Read More ]