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Cooler-Scooter and Candybot

Posted by Nathan Block On June 27, 2017 Comments Off on Cooler-Scooter and Candybot

Last Saturday we participated in the Granite City Days Parade, our second parade so far this summer. One of our mentors rode a motorized cooler-scooter alongside us, and it was as big of a hit as Candybot!  The new, larger, battery on the robot has proven a major benefit since we no longer have to switch out in the  [ Read More ]

St. Cloud Parade

Posted by carrie block On June 20, 2017 Comments Off on St. Cloud Parade

This Saturday we will be in the St. Cloud Parade, which starts at 10:00. Since all members are in the parade, we can't take our own photos so we ask that if you have a phone or camera, you take pictures of us. If you do decide to take photos, please send them to us  [ Read More ]


Posted by Nathan Block On June 13, 2017 Comments Off on Parade!

Saturday we participated in the Waite Park parade. We walked the Waite Park Library for their Reading By Design summer theme. Despite the heat, our robot made it out unscathed and the new battery helped! We also successfully tested the new auger system in our hopper to prevent candy jams. On a side note, we are modifying the conveyer belt. As  [ Read More ]

Snap Circuits

Posted by Lori Dale On June 6, 2017 Comments Off on Snap Circuits

This week we worked on assembling our float for parades this year, and getting Candybot ready to go.  We will be showing this years robot on the float, and a new and improved Candybot will be distributing candy.  We have a larger battery and should not need to change the battery in the middle of the  [ Read More ]