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What’s Up?

Posted by carrie block On December 12, 2017 Comments Off

 Last Thursday we were a part of STEM night at Talahi Elementary School in St. Cloud. We demoed our robot and tried to get students inspired in robotics and engineering. The kids had a great time catching the balls that our robot shot out, and feeding them into the intake to be shot again. Sunday  [ Read More ]

Getting a JUMPSTART on the Season!

Posted by madison dobis On December 5, 2017 Comments Off

  Over the weekend we attended JUMPSTART, which is training event at St. Cloud State. There were many classes including topics like fundraising, game strategy, electrical, social media, safety and many more. a couple of our mentors taught classes. David Dale, who is out web mentor, taught Websites and Social Media. while out coach Corey Applegate and his son  [ Read More ]