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Countdown to Competition

Posted by Lori Dale On February 27, 2018 Comments Off

Now that the robot is in the bag, the team turns it's attention to the other details that are a part of preparing for competition.  We are working on remaking our red bumpers, the ones that we had did not quite meet our standards, so we decided to start over with them.   Nick and Matt  [ Read More ]

The End Has Come- Of Build Season, That Is…

Posted by Lori Dale On February 22, 2018 Comments Off
pre-competition auto cube

Tuesday, we arrived at the season long anticipated day known as "Stop Build" or "Bag and Tag".  Our robot is in the bag, and we cannot touch it until competition, except for a couple of demo's.  That does not mean that we are done until Competition.  There are plenty of things to work on in  [ Read More ]

Charging Ahead to Pre-Competition!

Posted by daviddalegearhead On February 13, 2018 Comments Off

We're in Week Five of Build Season, and rushing to put the last few finishing touches on our robot. We just finished most of our wiring last week, and the robot can move around a bit – check out the scissors lift below!             Our robot in motion. Test, not full  [ Read More ]

Build Season- Week 4 Robot Build and Awards

Posted by GearHead On February 6, 2018 Comments Off

We are at crunch time for our build season, with only two weeks left.  We have started mounting the electronics to the robot this week.  The Robots subsystems are almost all complete with the climb left to build.  The bumpers are ready to get wrapped this week and add our team number to them.  We  [ Read More ]