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Practice day photo’s and Match Schedules!

Posted by daviddalegearhead On March 29, 2018 Comments Off on Practice day photo’s and Match Schedules!

Cube drop off on the scale Dropping off a cube in the exchange successful scale for our alliance!   The following are our matches for the rest of the event! (Please note that times are approximate. They can change if we start running ahead or behind schedule.)  Match:     Day/Time:      Alliance Color: Quals  [ Read More ]

It’s Time!

Posted by Lori Dale On March 27, 2018 Comments Off on It’s Time!

Tomorrow the team will leave for our competition at Williams Arena, on the U of M campus.  We will be competing with 58 other teams from Minnesota, 1 from Florida, and 1 from the Czech Republic.  In addition to the robotics competition, there will also be awards given including ones for team spirit, Imagery, safety, 2 engineering  [ Read More ]

We have BIG news!

Posted by Lori Dale On March 23, 2018 Comments Off on We have BIG news!

  Yesterday, one of our FIRST team contacts received an email offering us a spot at the Detroit Championships!  We won a wait list lottery spot.  We were surprised, but pleased, since we have not had our Regional Competition yet (which is next week).  Of course we confirmed, and started the ball rolling!  We are  [ Read More ]

Countdown to Competition

Posted by Lori Dale On March 20, 2018 Comments Off on Countdown to Competition

It's getting really close to time for the Gearheads to make our annual trek to the U of M for our Regional Competition.  As in previous years, we will be competing at Williams Arena.  However, this year our competition has a new name.  It is now called the Medtronic Foundation Regional.  We are busy with  [ Read More ]

Spring Break Demos

Posted by Lori Dale On March 13, 2018 Comments Off on Spring Break Demos

  This week is Spring Break for St. Cloud, but the team is not taking a break.  This week we demoed our robot to two of our sponsors.  On Monday, we demoed our robot for the employees at Electrolux, and today (Tuesday) we demoed for the local Machinists and Mechanics Lodge. Three members of  the Albany  [ Read More ]

Robot Reveal

Posted by Lori Dale On March 5, 2018 Comments Off on Robot Reveal

Now that our robot is in the bag, and the competition season is beginning, it seemed like a good time to share our "Robot Reveal" video.  All the footage used in this video is from the "Week 0" pre-competition at Centenial High School, in Circle Pines, MN. We hope that you enjoy seeing the video,  [ Read More ]