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Gearheads On Pioneer Public TV, and Pizza Ranch Fundraiser

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Compass 2

I believe that last fall we hinted in one of our blogs about big news, but then we did not ever reveal our news.  Now we can share what that was about. Last fall one of our sponsors (Alexandria Industries) was contacted by a PBS station in Western Minnesota, wanting to make an episode of their news  [ Read More ]

Gitchi Gummi Get Together

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On July 20-21st the Gearheads competed at the Gitchi Gummi Get Together, in Duluth.  This competition is designed to give team members a chance to try new roles on the team.  This competition requires each team to have 3 different drive teams.  The Gearhead used this competition to train in 2 new drivers, Natalie and  [ Read More ]

Gitchi Gummi Get Together prep

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The Gearheaeds met on Monday, July 16, to prepare for the compeitition this Friday and Saturday, July 20-21.  This is an off season competition, and does not qualify winners for future competitions.  It is designed to be a training and relationship building competition, both within and between teams.  This will be the Gearheads 3rd year  [ Read More ]

Joe Town Rocks (parade)!

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St. Joe Parade 2018 (4)

On the 4th of July, the Gearheads participated in their final parade for the year. We had really good luck with the weather. It rained before the parade, while we were getting things ready at Apollo, and after, as we were doing the teardown, but not during the parade! Here are some pictures of the  [ Read More ]

Joetown Rocks Parade and Real Sports

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Dean Kamen on Real Sports

The Gearheads will be in the Joetown Rocks Parade on the 4th of July. This will be our final parade for the year.  We ill have Super Sir Antsabot up on the float, simulating a climb to "meet the boss", and Candybot will be distributing candy to the waiting crowds.  Come and cheer us on!    [ Read More ]