2020 Infinite Recharge Teaser

Posted by Lori Dale On September 17, 2019 Comments Off on 2020 Infinite Recharge Teaser

As promised last week, here is the teaser for the Infinite Recharge game. The Star Wars tie-in to the teaser is pretty obvious, but how that will relate to the actual game remains to be seen. If you read our blog on Facebook feel free to comment with your guess as to what the game will be like. In general, I say that the teaser is only really understood after the game reveal, if then. However, Coach Corey came pretty close in 2017 (the Steamworks year) when he guessed that it would involve moving gears around the field and into some kind of mechanism. We will have to see how accurate his guess is this year. There is an ongoing joke in FIRST about a water game, and this year has been no exception. So without further ado, here is the game teaser


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