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Our Woody Flowers Award Nominee

Posted by Lori Dale On March 29, 2020 Comments Off on Our Woody Flowers Award Nominee

This week I will be featuring our Woody Flowers Award nominee, Corey Applegate. This is Corey’s 5th year with the team. He became our Coach in the fall of 2015 and has been our Coach, Build Coach and lead mentor since then. This is the nomination essay about Corey was written by Natalie Fischer, with  [ Read More ]

Our Dean’s List Nominee

Posted by Lori Dale On March 22, 2020 Comments Off on Our Dean’s List Nominee

Until a few days ago, we thought that in addition to the robotics competitions that have now been canceled, the Dean’s List and Woody Flowers winners would not be selected. On Friday we learned that they will be doing phone interviews, and winners will be selected. However, as far as I know, a timeline for  [ Read More ]

Living In “Interesting Times”

Posted by Lori Dale On March 15, 2020 Comments Off on Living In “Interesting Times”

We are all living in “interesting times” right now. COVID-19 has changed everyone’s daily life and any plans that have been made are pretty fluid right now for everyone. That includes the Gearheads. On Thursday around noon, the team and the rest of the FIRST Robotics community received the word that the 2020 Infinite Recharge  [ Read More ]

Working On Our Climber

Posted by Lori Dale On March 8, 2020 Comments Off on Working On Our Climber

This week the Gearheads began working on our climber. Here is the description Corey, our build Coach gave me for our climber. “Our robot design constrained us to a max height less than 28″. Our climb subsystem uses a U-shaped hoop that will flip up when activated reaching 51″ high. Then a winch will reel  [ Read More ]

The Work Continues

Posted by Lori Dale On March 1, 2020 Comments Off on The Work Continues

Since the bag rule went away, the Gearheads are working on refining the intake for our robot. We added surgical tubing to help guide the fuel into the intake, and some polycarbonate to reduce the dead zone on the passage to the shooter. I have to say that I think it’s looking pretty nice. The  [ Read More ]