4th of July

Posted by Nathan Block On July 4, 2017 Comments Off on 4th of July

We participated in the 4th of July parade in St. Joe. We had a mentor break out his wacky bike that everyone seems to find funny. Along side the bike we also had the motorized cooler scooter from the Granite City Days parade and the fan favorite, Candybot. The kids and even the adults enjoyed seeing Candybot. Below you can find some pictures of us int the parade! Also we now have an instagram account, its gcgearheads.  Please follow us, if you have an Instagram account!

St. Joe 2017 (18)

Candybot dispensing Tootsie Rolls to the crowd

St. Joe 2017 (19)

Zach on the ride on cooler

St. Joe 2017 (20)

Scoobs on the "wacky" bike

St. Joe 2017

Those who participated in the parade, before it started


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