A Farewell to Our Seniors

Posted by daviddalegearhead On June 7, 2014 Comments Off on A Farewell to Our Seniors

It’s that time, when the seniors leave us for a life outside of school, and the Gearheads are no exception. This year David Dale, Kevin Johnson, Clayton Mathews and Tyler Rolfes are graduating from High School and moving on. Some may be back to mentor in the following years, but not full time by any means, and they will be missed by members and mentors alike. It is a joyous time no matter how you look at it, we are not losing members but gaining mentors. Former team members, twins Nick and Zach Asplund made that transition, and they are still happy to lend a hand to the team, whether it is acting as an adult or hauling the robot too and from an event. So as time goes on over the summer we are hoping that they will make a surprise appearance in the Robotics lab, even if it is just to say hi, or pick up that folder they forgot on the last day. This is your guy’s send off from the team hoping for a great future ahead of you, and a few peeks back at us just once or twice just to say "That was fun, and keep up the good work." Happy graduation to you, and all your friends leaving as well. Change the world for the better, would you? 

Without further ado, some pictures of our seniors:

Seniors David Dale and Tyler "Waffles" Rolfes after Apollo Graduation. (Sorry Kevin Johnson missed this picture, we couldn't find him in the chaos).

Seniors walking on the stage:

Kevin Johnson

Tyler Rolfes

David Dale

(We'll try to put up some more images as soon as we get them!)


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