A New Season and a Different Way of Doing Things

Posted by Lori Dale On January 10, 2021 Comments Off on A New Season and a Different Way of Doing Things

Yesterday (January 9th) was the Kick-Off of a new season for FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) students. Many things are different this year, but one thing that hasn’t changed is that the season began with a Kick-Off video. If you are curious, it can be found here

The video is a bit long, so I set it up to start at 16:48, if that part doesn’t work, I would suggest you forward it to that point since the real synopsis begins there, but you can certainly watch it from the beginning if you want to watch the whole thing.

To give you a synopsis, since in-person competitions probably won’t be happening this year, FIRST has set up 3 alternative competitions that teams can be a part of. Teams can enter 1 or all 3. The video lists them in this order: First, the Innovation Challenge, the description of which starts at 28:20, where teams design real-world solutions to a problem. This year it is to encourage people to stay active. This is a challenge that FIRST LEGO Leauge students have been doing for many years. Some teams have even gotten patents on their ideas. The successful team will have a business plan for its solution/idea.

Next, FIRST at-home, the description of which starts at 38:00 in on the video, where teams complete skills tests in autonomous and teleop (driver controlled) challenges. There are 5 areas that this will include: Auto Nav. where robots autonomously complete an obstacle course, Hyperdrive Challenge where teams run an obstacle course with drivers controlling the robots, Galactic Search Challenge, where robots autonomously search for hidden game pieces, Interstellar Accuracy Challenge, where drivers score power cells from set locations, and the Power Port Challenge, where teams score as many power cells as they are able to in 1 minute. We hope to be involved in this, depending on our access to the necessary tools and meeting spaces.

Last, the Game Design Competition, the description of this starts at 43:45 on the video, where teams design a future game for the FRC community. The winning team(s) may even see their game become the competition game for a future season! The Gearheads are already kicking around some ideas for this competition. More details about this challenge will be released on Saturday, Jan. 16. We are excited to learn more about this one.

The Gearheads are always open to new team members. Our team welcomes any interested students in grades 8-12 living in district 742, no matter which school or homeschool they attend. We also welcome students in neighboring districts who do not have a team in their area. For more information contact us at granitecitygearheads@gmail.com


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