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St. Cloud Apollo High School has joined with St. Cloud Tech High School and Cathedral High School to form FRC team 3244. Thelen Advertising, Grede Foundries,  L.E.A.F. , King Solutions, Alexandria Industries, Apollo High School, C.M.M.A. , Traut Wells, and Saint City Skatepark  gave us significant funds or support. Currently we have a team of over 15 students from grades 9-12, and we are open to new members. Our team encompasses a wide range of areas that include building and machining, programming, animation, web design, public relations, fundraising, business management and more.

This year we are trying to get more partnerships with area businesses as well. We are always looking for people willing to mentor or get involved with the team, if you would like more information, just contact us! We love to hear from the community.

We have multiple students that are on the build team. Currently we are charging full speed ahead to February 21, the bag and tag. That is the last day that we can work on the robot before competition, with the exception of 30 pounds that we can retain and continue to work on.  We are fortunate to have mentors for the build team with an extensive background in machining, like Kenny Huckenpoehler from Traut Wells, and Tom Oehrlein from Scherer and Sons Trucking company. With the building of the robot, we have used CAD to help with the design process, and then we have the programing team that codes the robot’s movements and controls.

The team meets 4 days a week during the build season and 2-4 days a week during non-build season to make sure that we stay on target. We handle tasks such as fundraising, parades, demonstrations and organization during the off season. We participate in the St.Cloud and St. Joseph parades, and have also demonstrated our robot in Richmond River Lakes Days and in the Waite Park parades.

As a robotics team, money doesn't just grow on trees. The team works together with parents and mentors to raise money for the team. Promotions and marketing are also very important in getting sponsors. We have been fortunate to have brochures designed by Thelen Advertising.Thelen Advertising has also helped us out with creating Granite City Gearheads logo. Aaron Guck of Thelen Advertising has been a great help with the t-shirt design and maintaining our branding. With help from Thelen Advertising, we set up our website through WordPress and have continued to use it to draw in sponsors and get students and mentors interested in the team. Thelen also continues to help us with other aspects of marketing and web development. Emily, David and Brooke, our web mentors and former students, help us update our website on a regular basis.

We have welcomed new students as well as returning students. Our seasoned team members and mentors such as TJ, Calvin, Tom, Emily, Frank, Coach Birr and Coach Oehrlein have been on the team since it started.  These students, mentors and coaches offer insight on their past experience from building the robot to showing what Gracious Professionalism, the FIRST motto, is. Thank you mentors!


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