2019 Mentors

Posted by Lori Dale On February 5, 2016 Comments Off on 2019 Mentors
Corey Applegate
This is my third year as the coach.
Bridget Applegate
Medical consultant, and morale
This is my second year as a mentor. I learned about the team through my husband, who is the coach, and my kids who are on the team. I like helping the team build relationships within the team, and between teams. I also like seeing the robot go from nothing to a working robot, its so cool!
Nick "Thing 2" Asplund
Hi I'm Nick. I am a mentor. This is my Eighth year on the team, seventh as a mentor. I joined robotics my senior year because I thought it would be fun and I am good at building and fixing things. I am a mechanic at Automotive Performance Center and I can't wait for another exciting robotics season!!
Zach "Thing 1" Asplund
I joined the team in 2011 as a senior and I have been mentoring ever since. This is my eighth year on the team and I really enjoy helping the students learn how to use all the hand tools and machines to build the robot.
Carter Calhoun
Media and Programming Mentor
David Dale
Animation, Web, Programming
This is my fourth year as a mentor, and my seventh overall. I am here to pass on my skills in programming, animation, and web design. I joined the team because of the opportunity to put some of those skills to work and learn to program, because Apollo has no computer programming classes. Being on the team has made me passionate about wanting to see kids pursue STEM careers.
Lori Dale
Robomom, and administrative assistant

This is my seventh year with the team. I enjoy being around the creativity, fun, energy and excitement of the team. I love feeling like I am helping teens find a place to belong, and their career direction in life.

Dave Fischer
This is my 1st year as a mentor. I have a background in electrical maintenance. After my daughter and I were invited to join the team for the summer, we found that the team is very welcoming, active, and works well together. This made us decide that we want to continue with the team! I enjoy helping the students with the building process of the robot and seeing what they can accomplish.
Justin Fischer
Media and Programming
Aaron Guck
Graphic Artist
Aaron is the person who designs our team shirts every year. He also helped the team design our brochures. He owns his own graphic design business, Latitude Aerial Imaging.
Latitude Aerial ImagingLatitude Aerial Imaging
Jaeger Johnson
Build Mentor
Donovan Magney
This is my second year as a Mentor

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