All about the robots

Posted by Nathan Block On June 2, 2015 Comments Off on All about the robots

Currently we are working on our Candy Bot,to improve its preformance in the upcoming parades and events. The build team is hard at work making the robot fully functional and putting the candy dispensers on the ends of the conveyor belt. Come watch us in the Waite Park parade, June 13th, Granite City Day's parade, June 27th, and in the St. Joe parade, July 4th.

CMMA held a meeting for its members and we attended it and showed off our competition bot from this year durring the event. Our robot was doing fine until the autonomus code didn't go the way we planned and now we have to fix the issue and learn from it. All in all, we made great progress in our skills and our community out reach events.

Here are some photos of team members hard at work:


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