Alumni of the week-Emily Oehrlein

Posted by Lori Dale On July 16, 2015 Comments Off on Alumni of the week-Emily Oehrlein

We thought that it might be interesting to tell you a little about some of our alumni.  We begin this week with Emily Oehrlein.  Emily is one of our founding members.  She was on the team its first year (2009-10) and continued on the next two years (2010-11 and 2011-12).  After that she became one of our mentors.  She helped in a variety of areas, but most of her time was spent helping with the web page. 

Emily recently graduated from St. Cloud Technical College.  She now works for DCI, inc.  When asked, she said that her favorite memory of her time on the team was learning how to run the lathe.  





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