Are You Ready For More Robotics?

Posted by Lori Dale On August 14, 2018 Comments Off on Are You Ready For More Robotics?

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If you would like to see something a little new and different, there will be a unique Robotics competition this week. It is called FIRST Global.  It was created by FIRST Robotics, the parent organization of The Gearheads. This competition was designed to be the "International Robotics Olympics".  There will be over 180 Nations competing this year.  The Competition will be held on Aug. 16-18.  You can see a live feed, on Thursday, here:

This is the second year for the FIRST Global competition.  Last year the competition was in Washington, DC.  This year it will be in Mexico City, Mexico.  Countries from around the world form a team of students to build a robot in a few weeks, to meet a specific game challenge.  The challenge is designed to mirror a real-world problem. Last years challenge was clean water.  This year's challenge is "Energy Impact".  The teams were challenged to build robots to "Fuel power plants, initiate renewable energy plants, and build a resilient transmission network." The teams bring their robot to the competition to compete, brainstorm, and network. They are also inspired to become future problems solvers. One major goal of FIRST Global is for the students to share all that they learned with their home countries and become future world leaders.   

If you would like to know more about this year's challenge, you can watch the official game video here (anytime): Challenge


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