Benton County Fair, pt. 2

Posted by Lori Dale On August 7, 2019 Comments Off on Benton County Fair, pt. 2

As mentioned in last weeks blog, the Gearheads were a part of the Benton County Fair, July 30-Aug. 4th. 3 of the 4 FIRST Robotics programs were represented at the Fair. We had our robot, Jupiter there demo’ing and sometimes letting visitors drive.

Corey showing a visitor how to co-drive Jupiter

We also had two of our mentors who did double duty answering questions in the FLL team area. David and Lori Dale will be starting an FLL team in the fall, so it was a good chance for them to familiarize themselves with the robots and how they work, also to promote the program.

Another visitor driving an FLL bot on the FTC field while David (in the orange) explains FLL

In addition, FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) teams from Becker, Rogers and Elk River were there to represent FTC, and demo their robots. We had fun watching their bots in action.

Zach talking robots with an FTC student from Becker

We talked to many people who came by about FIRST Robotics, gave out a lot of buttons and brochures, and enjoyed our first time at the Benton County Fair. We hope to be back again next year!


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