Benton County Fair

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Our Goals

Our goal for the FIRST At The Fair Showcase is to increase awareness of FIRST in Central Minnesota. The Benton County Fair draws thousands of families from across the Central Minnesota area, providing a great opportunity to promote FIRST programs to a large audience of interested parents, students, potential sponsors, and volunteers from our community! Taking an opportunity like this helps lead to long-term growth in the number of FIRST programs in our area.

Storm Robotics, CSI, and the Gearheads at the 2019 Fair
Visitors driving EV3’s
Zach with a member of Becker FTC
Corey helping a young visitor drive our 2019 robot

What We Need YOUR Help With!

Our goal is to provide a sustained presence for all FIRST Programs (FRC, FTC, and all levels of FLL) at the fair through all six days at the event! In order to do that, we need teams and volunteers willing to dedicate time and display or drive their robots, There’s also a need for fields and components. Depending on the space and teams available to us, we may also be able to host scrimmages or demo matches for some FIRST programs!

Participation may also be helpful for teams looking to improve their chances at the Chairman’s or Inspire Awards!

If you and/or your team are interested please email


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