Blasting Off for Destination Deep Space

Posted by Lori Dale On March 27, 2019 Comments Off on Blasting Off for Destination Deep Space

This week the Gearheads will pack up our robot, tool box and carts and head to the University of Minnesota for our competition at Williams Arena. We leave Wednesday and set up the pit, Thursday we will compete in practice matches, Friday and Saturday morning will be the qualification matches. Friday afternoon will be the elimination Matches.

Our pit will look something like this

We are very excited to get the chance to show what our robot can do, and work and spend time with the other teams. This is a great time of learning and building relationships within and between teams.

mascots sharing a little love

If you are able to do so, we would love to see you come and support the team! We usually sit around the 106 section of the stands. If you cannot make it, and would like to watch online, there will be a link to the webcast where the competition can be viewed. Click here (it is not live until Friday):


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