Minnesota Robotics Invitational Recap

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MRI (2)

Last Saturday, Oct. 13, the Gearheads competed at the Minnesota Robotics Invitational.  This is an "off-season" competition. While it does not qualify the winners to advance to another competition, it is a great time for the teams to train new students to fill a variety of roles, such as drivers, human players and working in  [ Read More ]

Preparations for MRI, and Fundraising

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This weekend we will be participating in our final competition with "Super Sir Antsabot".  On Saturday, we will be competing at the Minnesota Robotics Invitational in Roseville.  On Monday, we gave some potential new drivers time to familiarize themselves with the robot.  Ethan and Gabe did a great job picking up the cube, lining the robot  [ Read More ]

A Productive Week

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Last Friday we were pleased to be able to be a part of Pep Fest at Apollo. Taylor Bauer, our Mascot, and last year's Safety Captain walked in the Pep Fest parade with our flag. This week we worked on assembling a West Coast Drive Chassis.  This is a new style of drive system for  [ Read More ]

This Week’s Meeting, and Recruitment Video

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This week at our meeting the students started working on putting together a West Coast Drive chassis.  This is something that we have never used before, and we are hoping to learn how to make build one, in case it will be helpful in this year's game.   Ethan working on Gearboxes and Taylor working on  [ Read More ]

First Meeting of the Year

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This week we had our first meeting of the year.  We welcomed 3 new people, and hope to add more as the weeks go by.  They started off with a tour of the rooms that we use and went right to work helping us reorganize our supplies, moving some to storage, and rebuilding our robot  [ Read More ]

It’s Time to Begin…

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The Gearheads are happy to announce that our first official team meeting for the year will be happening next Monday, Sept. 17, at 5:30 in the Woods Lab.  We welcome any interested students, potential mentors or sponsors to come and check us out. We will be meeting on Monday nights until Christmas break.  This fall  [ Read More ]

FIRST Scholarships

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Classes in St. Cloud School District resumed this week.  We hope that everyone has a great first week of school!  The Gearheads will not be meeting this week, so this seemed like a good time to share one of the many things that those of us involved with FIRST appreciate about FIRST.   In addition to all  [ Read More ]

Welcome Back!

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St. Cloud School District will be back in session next week.  In preparation for that, tonight (Tuesday night) Apollo and Tech High had their fall Open House(s).  Since we only have one robot and we went to the spring Open House at Tech, we chose to go to Apollo.  We enjoyed the chance to demonstrate the  [ Read More ]