Stair climber continued…

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 This week, we refined our stair climber prototype by adding a tensioner. We also started working on a gear box to power the rear wheel. Rose continued to program the practice bot. Another project we started working on was a rocker bogie drive train. working on the climber prototype tension Corey and Rose working on programming.  [ Read More ]

Stair Climber Prototype

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November 13 (16)

This week we continued to work on possible ideas for a stair climber.  We did a test run on some stairs to see how the prototype would work.  Here is a video of the test run     While most of the team was working on that, Austin was working on wiring up the test  [ Read More ]

We Are Working on Prototypes

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Since we are in the preseason, we don't know what the challenge will be for this year yet  We decided to work on a few things that we are guessing might be elements to the game.  This week we worked on possible designs for a stair climber (one of the more common guesses.)  We divided  [ Read More ]

Of Regulators and Test Frames

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This week, we got Sir Antsabot running the scissors with Pneumatics.  We installed a regulator to control the flow of air.  That was a very necessary component, because prior to the installation of the regulator, the scissors closed up so fast that it was a safety hazard.  After the addition of regulators we were able to  [ Read More ]

Sir Antsabot lives(!) and we have a display case

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This week the team continued to work on reassembling Sir Antsabot (our 2016 competition bot) to use to familiarize ourselves with pneumatics, and test them out for use on future robots. The lights lit up, and he is almost running, he just needs a tweak on the code, that should be done next week. While  [ Read More ]

2017 MRI competition

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On Saturday the team went to the MRI (Minnesota Robotics Invitational) competition. We had several students try out being a part of the drive team. At the end of the qualification rounds, we were ranked 20th but had the 5th highest OPR (Offensive Power Rating) according to the Blue Alliance. Many new students also got to  [ Read More ]

Watch the Minnesota Robotics Invitational Live Feed!

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Want to watch our competition today but couldn’t make it yourself? Then tune in to the MRI Live feed! [Link is in the blog if you are reading this on Facebook.] You can watch our matches as follows: 11:03 Match 16 Red Alliance  11:38 Match 21, Blue Alliance 1:41 Match 30 Red Alliance  2:16 Match 35  [ Read More ]

Teach and preach

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This week the team split up and worked on separate things. Newer members and members who haven't done it before worked on building gear boxes,and a chassis for a basic robot. By doing this, they learned how the gear boxes worked, how to build a frame, how to work together on a smaller task, and how  [ Read More ]