One Week and Counting (down)!

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The Gearheads are counting down the days until our trip to The FIRST Robotics Championships, in Detroit, MI.  We leave next Tuesday (April 24) in the morning.  Super Sir Ants-a-bot, is waiting for us at a warehouse in the Detroit area, hopefully resting up for the hard work coming up.  The team is busy making  [ Read More ]

SUPER Sir Ants-A-Bot Goes to Detroit!

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The spawn of our 2016's robot Sir-Ants-A-Bot, SUPER Sir-Ants-A-Bot, is off on his solo adventure to meet up with others like himself from far away lands at the new competition fields in Detroit. His team will meet up with him Apr 25 to collaborate and compete on the arcade where it will be guaranteed non stop action. Join  [ Read More ]

The In Between Time

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We are back from the Medtronic Foundation Regional, and still very happy about our second place finish, the Innovation and control Award, sponsored by Rockwell, and our having qualified for both Championships, later this month, and State, in May. The plaques that we received to go with our trophy's Our Finalist Trophy Innovation in Control  [ Read More ]

2nd Place Alliance2b

The Granite City Gearheads, the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Competition Team (#3244) for I.S.D. 742 competed in the Medtronic Foundation Regional competition this weekend. Sixty teams attended, mostly from Minnesota, but some came from as far as Florida and the Czech Republic. This year's challenge was entitled FIRST POWER-UP,  [ Read More ]

Practice day photo’s and Match Schedules!

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Cube drop off on the scale Dropping off a cube in the exchange successful scale for our alliance!   The following are our matches for the rest of the event! (Please note that times are approximate. They can change if we start running ahead or behind schedule.)  Match:     Day/Time:      Alliance Color: Quals  [ Read More ]

It’s Time!

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Tomorrow the team will leave for our competition at Williams Arena, on the U of M campus.  We will be competing with 58 other teams from Minnesota, 1 from Florida, and 1 from the Czech Republic.  In addition to the robotics competition, there will also be awards given including ones for team spirit, Imagery, safety, 2 engineering  [ Read More ]

We have BIG news!

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Championship logo2

  Yesterday, one of our FIRST team contacts received an email offering us a spot at the Detroit Championships!  We won a wait list lottery spot.  We were surprised, but pleased, since we have not had our Regional Competition yet (which is next week).  Of course we confirmed, and started the ball rolling!  We are  [ Read More ]

Countdown to Competition

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It's getting really close to time for the Gearheads to make our annual trek to the U of M for our Regional Competition.  As in previous years, we will be competing at Williams Arena.  However, this year our competition has a new name.  It is now called the Medtronic Foundation Regional.  We are busy with  [ Read More ]