Build Season- Week 4 Robot Build and Awards

Posted by GearHead On February 6, 2018 Comments Off on Build Season- Week 4 Robot Build and Awards

We are at crunch time for our build season, with only two weeks left.  We have started mounting the electronics to the robot this week.  The Robots subsystems are almost all complete with the climb left to build.  The bumpers are ready to get wrapped this week and add our team number to them.  We made a special 3rd set of bumpers with our team colors for demonstrating at local events and also for the week zero event we will be attending.  Here are a few pictures from this week


The robot coming together


Zach and Bailey working on the bumpers


Jaeger, Nick, Matt, Carter and Rose working on the robot

We also submitted our nomination for the Woody Flowers Award.  Rose and Natalie and Bridget worked hard and were able to submit on Monday.  Lori and Bridget have the Dean's list nomination done, and are waiting for it to automatically submit.

In other news, our Instagram (gcgearheads) hit 100 followers this week.  It has been a fun new addition to our social media presence. 


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