Building and Programming and Driving (Oh My!)

Posted by Lori Dale On October 23, 2019 Comments Off on Building and Programming and Driving (Oh My!)

This week our new team members and veterans divided into groups for working on different aspects of the team. One group worked on assembling gearboxes for our test bot that will have Colson’s wheels. Another group worked on getting spacers 3D printed with Coach Corey’s 3D printer. A third group worked with Corey, who is teaching the group of all new students how to program the robot. At the end of the evening, they had the chance to test out their programming by driving the chassis from 2018 (Super Sir Antsabot). It went very well. Next week they will work on adding more elements to their programming, such as a gyroscope.

New students writing a program together
The students test-driving the robot
working on the testbot chassis
Ricky monitoring the 3D printer as it prints spacers

1 of the new students and I (Lori) started working on getting the fundraising letters ready to go out, and taking pictures for social media. As with any team in FRC, we are always looking for additional sponsors so that we are able to give the students new opportunities. If you or someone that you know would consider sponsoring the team, please let us know. Upon request, we can send a group with a robot to demonstrate.


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