Competition Crunch

Posted by Nathan Block On April 4, 2017 Comments Off on Competition Crunch

Our competition will be this Friday and Saturday at the U of M in Minneapolis. We want everyone to come and watch us compete. If you cannot make it to our competition in person, you can still watch by visiting The Blue Alliance. On The Blue Alliance web page, you can watch all the 10,000 Lakes Regional matches and cheer us on. While the blue alliance offers better multi-camera views, you can also watch the official feeds right here on our blog or via Twitch! These feeds should go live on Thursday afternoon barring any technical issues on FIRST’s part.

Camera 1

Watch live video from FIRSTinspires1 on

Camera 2

Watch live video from FIRSTinspires2 on

Also, as promised here is our new mascot! The lights are actually orange, but for some reason they did not show up that way in the pictures.

Updated Mascot gimped


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