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Winning Banner! (1)

Last Saturday the team went to the East Metro Collaborative Competition or EMCC. We arrived early in the morning on Saturday for an all day competition. We had several different drive teams that would switch every match that we played. We also had several different pilots and human players. We ranked 7th at the end of the qualification rounds. We were chosen by the 2nd seed team and helped them win the competition! We were chosen by the FireBears. We chose them in our last competition (Gitchi Gummi) and won with them. Our other alliance member was the Cybears, who were ranked 8th at the end of qualifications. In the semifinal round and final round we won the first two matches each (best of three).

Tyler's Camera batch 1 (378)

For one match we were a part of an “Orange Alliance”.  In this picture, Austin and Jaeger are wearing the head piece of our alliance partner, Team Blaze Robotics, from Burnsville.

Winning Banner! (2)

The 3 teams of the winning alliance with their banners.



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