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The Benton County Fair is over and the fall recruiting season will not be for a few weeks yet, so this seemed like a good time to talk about one of the other programs in the FIRST progression of programs. FIRST LEGO League, or FLL as it’s commonly known.

There was a great deal of interest in the FLL robots and materials that we had at the Fair. We would love to see more teams start-up in the St. Cloud area. FLL is primarily for students in 4th-8th grade, though some teams have students in 3rd grade. They use LEGO EV3 robots and parts, and Mindstorms software to solve a different set of challenges or “Missions” every year. As has been said in the past “who doesn’t like LEGO’s?”

Here are two robots students designed at a recent FLL camp

In addition to the game challenge, each team completes an engineering challenge. This is handled in a variety of ways, from a research project and a report to inventing devices that provide solutions to problems in the challenge area. In previous years, some teams have even applied for patents for devices that they have made!

Two of our mentors, David and Lori Dale, will be starting an FLL team this fall at St. Cloud Christian, with help from another FRC alumni Cody Pratt. Last year they ran a “mock season” with borrowed materials. This year they will have an official team competing at a Minnesota tournament. They are excited to start this new adventure in the St. Cloud area.

David and Cody working on plans for the team

The theme this year is City Shaper. It primarily deals with urban development and planning. If you are interested in learning more about this year’s challenge, you can see the release video here:

If you would like more information about starting an FLL team, you can go to the High Tech Kids website at

High Tech Kids is the Minnesota organization that runs FLL. Or for more specific questions you can contact Lori at


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