FIRST Lego League

Posted by Lori Dale On June 25, 2019 Comments Off on FIRST Lego League

This week the Gearheads are between parades, and Coach Corey is out of town helping the teams in Northern Minnesota, so we thought that this would be a good time to talk about FIRST Lego League or FLL as it is often called.

FLL is another program run by FIRST Robotics. It is for students in grades 4-8. They use small, palm-sized robots, Lego parts, and Lego Mindstorms software. Two of our mentors (David and Lori Dale) are starting a team at St. Cloud Christian, with the help of Cody Pratt, an FRC alumni from the twin cities. This will be the first team for this area, but we hope that it will spread!

A picture of what the basic robot looks like

The Gearheads donated a cart for the team, and we are working on getting it cleaned up and ready for the team to use. It was pretty rusty but it’s starting to look pretty nice. We just need another coat of silver paint and then the team logo and numbers and we will be good to go!

David cleaning the rust off with help from Zach
The cart in progress

There will also be a summer class through Community Ed. July 22-25 for students in 3-6th grade, and there are still spaces available. It is called “Eureka Engineering”. They will be using the same Lego parts and supplies. You can find it in the summer brochure on p. Y13. Or here is a link to the online catalog. Summer Community Ed.


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