2014 FIRST Objective

Posted by FSkiwi10 On February 7, 2014 Comments Off on 2014 FIRST Objective

Aerial Assist is this year's exciting game!  The game area is similar to that of a soccer field with three different zones, with white being the neutral middle ground, while red and blue are alliance zones on either side. By passing the ball through different zones to other robots on your alliance, you score ten points for an "assist", the most valueable points in ranking. Our robot works together with our alliance teamates, to move our ball through the zones and into several different goals: Two on the ground for one point, and two above the driver stations for ten points.Additional points are awarded if the ball is tossed over the truss, and caught by another robot.

During autonomous, goals on one side of the arena light up, and become "hot" and teams will earn additional bonus points when a ball is shot through. Five additional bonus points are also earned by driving forward and out of the white zone that robots start in.

You can read the offical rules here.




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