2017 FIRST Objective

Posted by Nathan Block On January 9, 2017 Comments Off on 2017 FIRST Objective


This years game is called Steamworks. It is played on a 27 ft. by 54 ft. 4 in. field. Two alliances, comprised of three teams each, compete against each other to best prepare their air ship. In the 15 second autonomous period, fuel (aka. whiffle balls) scored in the top fuel goal are worth 1 point each and 3 scored in the low fuel goal is worth one point, rotors started in Auto are worth 60 points each. During teleoperated mode it takes 3 fuel in the high goal or 9 fuel in the low goal for 1 point, and 40 points for any rotors started in tele mode. Climbing in the last 30 seconds is worth 50 points.



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