FIRSTmas Is Coming!

Posted by Lori Dale On December 29, 2019 Comments Off on FIRSTmas Is Coming!

This coming Saturday is the day that FRC teams throughout the world have been anticipating for the last 7 months or more, Kick-Off! At Kick-Off the weeks of speculation will be over and we find out the game challenge for the year. We are all very excited to see what tasks the robot will face this year.

Kick-Off is also known as FIRSTmas because teams get their Kit Of Parts (KOP) for the year. The KOP contains the game elements, parts, and supplies that serve as the starting point of building the competition robot for that year. After that teams may add up to about $5000 in parts and materials.

Unpacking the KOP last year

The Gearheads will be attending Kick-Off ceremonies at Becker High School along with the other teams in the Central Minnesota Robotics Hub. We will watch the game release video together, get our Kit Of Parts, then meet with our individual teams to begin brainstorming how we want to meet the challenge for the year. After that, there will be breakout sessions on topics related to the challenge. The day will finish up with all the teams meeting again to break down the game and debate possible strategies.

Our team wants to wish the other teams good luck in the 2020 season

If you want to watch the Kick-Off video, it will be available live here Saturday morning:


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