FLL 2021 Season Game Reveal

Posted by Lori Dale On August 18, 2021 Comments Off on FLL 2021 Season Game Reveal

The Gearheads are on a break until school starts, but things are happening in a couple of the other programs within FIRST. Yesterday, the game details were revealed for the FIRST LEGO League Explore and Challenge seasons. The theme for both is called “Cargo Connect”.

FLL Explore is for students in Kindergarten to 4th grade. It is a fun introduction to robotics and engineering, using LEGO parts. Teams start out building a basic robot to perform tasks, then go on to build and design their own model. It’s easier than it sounds and kids have a great deal of fun with it. Here is the reveal video for their season

Last year there was an FLL Explore team at St. Cloud Christian, but we would love to have more teams formed in the area. As one of the coaches of this team, I can tell you that it was a great deal of fun and not over the head of someone (like me) with little or no programming experience.

FLL Challenge is for students in grades 4-8, and it is the next step after FLL Explore in developing skills in programming and building robots. This season the challenge gives students the opportunity to explore and innovate the areas of transportation of goods across the country. In FLL Challenge the teams have 16 tasks called “Missions” that they can choose from to accomplish in 2 1/2 minutes.

In addition to the 16 “Missions” that teams can build and program their robot to perform, FLL Challenge teams also complete a project for the Innovation Challenge. Here is the introductory video to give teams a heads start on developing their own project:

Currently, there are only two FLL Challenge teams in the St. Cloud area, they are at St. Cloud Christian School. (I am one of the mentors of these teams.) However, a great deal of interest was shown at the Benton County Fair, and we are hopeful that more teams will be formed.

For more information on starting either a FIRST LEGO League Challenge or Explore team, contact us via email at granitecitygearheads@gmail.com


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