FTC Game Reveal

Posted by Lori Dale On September 10, 2019 Comments Off on FTC Game Reveal

The Gearheads are a member of the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). FIRST also has 3 other programs for students in grades K-12. FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) is for students in grades 6-12. Their robots are about the size of Vex robots, but they can machine their own parts, and the programming is a little more complex. They compete in the fall. They had their game reveal on Saturday (Sept. 7th). This year the FTC introduced something familiar to FRC teams. They will be including a “human player” whose job is to add game pieces to the field during the teleop portion of the matches. This year’s game is called Skystone and uses game pieces that look like giant LEGO’s

Here is the game Reveal Video:

While there are no FTC teams in St. Cloud, we would love to see that change. There are 21 FTC teams within 50 miles of St. Cloud. 6 of those teams are in Becker. We had a great time talking to some of the central Minnesota FTC teams in our FIRST Showcase at the Benton County Fair this year. Here is a picture of Zach, one of our mentors, talking with an FTC student. You can see his robot in the picture.

In other news, the rookie FLL team from St. Cloud Christian had their first meeting today. The students watched the game reveal video and started making the game elements for this year’s game. It is called City Shaper and is about building the cities of the future. The students were excited to start choosing which of the possible game challenges to try to take on.

The FIRST logo for the year, with the game logo’s for the individual programs

Most exciting for the Gearheads is the fact that the FRC Infinite Recharge game teaser will be coming out on Thursday. We will include the video in the next blog. The speculation about the nature of the game should really ratchet up after that!


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