Gearheads On Pioneer Public TV, and Pizza Ranch Fundraiser

Posted by Lori Dale On July 31, 2018 Comments Off on Gearheads On Pioneer Public TV, and Pizza Ranch Fundraiser

I believe that last fall we hinted in one of our blogs about big news, but then we did not ever reveal our news.  Now we can share what that was about. Last fall one of our sponsors (Alexandria Industries) was contacted by a PBS station in Western Minnesota, wanting to make an episode of their news program on the topic of  High School robotics in Minnesota.  They did us the honor of passing our contact information on to the station. Thank you Alexandria Industries and Pioneer Public TV for including us!  There were a couple of delays in the process, but recently a meeting was arranged to finish the production of this episode. Our Coach, Corey Applegate, and Ryan Swanson, a mentor from Becker, made the trip to be interviewed.  The show was produced and aired last week, and we can now share it with you.  Here it is:

Original Video


In other news, Monday we had a fundraiser at Pizza Ranch.  We enjoyed that chance to talk to people about the team, the robot and FIRST,  We made a little over $300, to go toward rebuilding our bank balance depleted by the expenses related to our trip to Championships in Detroit.  Here are a couple of pictures:


Here is Coach Corey, talking to interested people about the robot


Corey, Jaeger, and Natalie talking to some of our friends from Theisen Design, one of our sponsors,


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