Granite City Days Parade recap

Posted by Lori Dale On June 26, 2018 Comments Off on Granite City Days Parade recap

Last weekend, we participated in the Granite City Days parade.  We did things a little differently this year.  We invited some of the other local teams to participate with us.  Sauk Rapids brought their robot and several team members, and our team members that are also a part of the Albany team brought the Albany robot. Their robots were on the float with our robot. This worked really well, and we hope to repeat it in the future.  One great thing about this is that the three teams each took a different approach to meet the challenge for the year.  The Gearheads robot used a scissor lift mechanism.  The Sauk Rapids (Storm) robot used an "arm" that swung up to lift the cube.  The Albany robot used an "elevator" which lifts the cube straight up to the platform.


St. Cloud Parade

The 3 robots on the float

The Becker team also sent a team member who drove a robot down the road, and Gearheads team member Hannah could be seen driving the motorized cooler that Zach, one of our mentors, brought to the parade. Of course, we also had the perennial crowd favorite Candybot distributing candy to the waiting crowds.  Candybot never fails to impress kids and adults alike.


Candybot distributing candy to one of the kids in the crowd.  


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