Hungry Von Hippo Goes on a Diet

Posted by Nathan Block On February 22, 2017 Comments Off on Hungry Von Hippo Goes on a Diet

Three days before the end of  "build season" our team put our robot on a diet. We took it apart and drilled holes into almost every surface and reassembled it in less than two days. Our robot now looks like swiss cheese. It is now "bagged and tagged", and the team will move on to working on a test bot and some other projects.  

Next weeks blog will have video of the robot in action, taken shortly before it was put in the bag.  We have several short videos that we need to put together into one "movie".  But here is a picture of the robot right before it went into the bag.


We also had our team picture taken for the Apollo yearbook, and our team website (a few people are missing, But this is most of the team).  Here we are, all happy to have a working robot!SONY DSC


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