It’s Recruiting Season!

Posted by Lori Dale On August 28, 2019 Comments Off on It’s Recruiting Season!

This week representatives of the Granite City Gearheads were at the Apollo Student Orientation on Tuesday and will be at the Fall Open House at St. Cloud Christian on Thursday. We hope to be at the other district 742 High Schools soon.

We talked to many people, unfortunately, I was busy talking and only got pictures of one person, but here is a picture that will give you an idea of what it was like.

David is driving the robot, and a visitor is co-driving, handling the hatch panel pick up. Notice the Be First banner in the background. We think it should read Be FIRST!

We would like to invite any interested students in grades 8-12 to join us at an offseason competition on October 12, in Roseville. We are not requiring students to be members of the team, but we are hoping that this will inspire them to join! If you know of someone who is interested, just email us with contact information so we can include them in our planning.


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