Match Times for Friday and Saturday

Posted by daviddalegearhead On April 7, 2016 Comments Off on Match Times for Friday and Saturday

We've received the match times for Friday and Saturday! These will give you an idea of when to come down if you want to watch or when to tune in to the live stream.

Unfourtunately, almost all of our matches are on Friday – we have only one match on Saturday – but there's still finals, so it's worth the trip, because we might make it!

  • Friday
    • 10:13AM Match 11
    • 11:26AM Match 21
    • 12:46PM Match 26
    • 02:30PM Match 40
    • 03:40PM Match 51
    • 04:25PM Match 56
    • 05:45PM Match 67
  • Sat
    • 11:27AM Match 83

We'll try and get some pictures up tomorrow – the internet connection isn't the greatest, so that didn't work out tonight. 


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