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This animation was completed for the purpose of entering FIRST's 2012/13 FRC Safety Animation Contest. The winning animation is to be featured in the Kickoff Video of Build Season nationwide on January 5th.   The theme of the contest was focus on application of safety rules outside of the FIRST field, and we chose to focus on proper lifting, and situational awareness.

Created By David Dale, Donovan Magney, Corey Wenning, and Freamon Richards-Fink.


An animation we made for the 2014 FRC safety animation. This year's theme was driving safety and proper rules of the road. Our animators worked really hard on this one; They've slaved over it for about two months. (Made by Ian Karpen, Donovan Magney, Jordan Evenrud, Corey Wenning, and David Dale) 


2015's animation theme was superheros and safety. We were able to use some of our own characters this year as well as some of the Creative Commons free downloadable characters. Animation created by: Nathan Block, Ian Karpen, Quincy Rinde, Donovan Magney, Corey Wenning, Brandon Lewerke, and Jordan Evenrud. Animation editing and other technical assistance by: Freamon Richardsfink.


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