Minnesota Robotics Invitational Recap

Posted by Lori Dale On October 16, 2018 Comments Off on Minnesota Robotics Invitational Recap

Last Saturday, Oct. 13, the Gearheads competed at the Minnesota Robotics Invitational.  This is an "off-season" competition. While it does not qualify the winners to advance to another competition, it is a great time for the teams to train new students to fill a variety of roles, such as drivers, human players and working in the pit.  It also gives teams an early chance to check out other teams for next year's competitions.  While the robots will be different, the teams will be largely the same. 

In case you did not read the updates under last weeks blog, we would like to let our followers know that the team did very well.  We ranked 3rd after qualification matches, with a 6-1 record.  This qualified us to be the 3rd place Alliance Captains.  This was only our 3rd time in team history to be an alliance captain, so we are very proud of this finish.  All of the alliances included teams that qualified for Championships and State, so the competition was FIERCE! We went up against the second place alliance and were able to win the first match.  Unfortunately, we lost the second match and the tie-breaker third.  That one by only 9 points, so we came very close! Thank you to our partners 2052 Knightcrawler, 2846 The Firebears, and Team NOS for being on our alliance.

Here are a few pictures from the event.


Super Sir Antsabot reaching up for a cube drop off


A little work on the robot in the pit with Kaylin, Gabe, and Natalie

MRI (2)

The third seed alliance- 2052 Knightcrawler, the Gearheads (us), 2846 The Firebears and Team NOS (we are not sure what their number is because they are new.) 


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