MRI: Nails Were Bitten, the Robot Was “Sent”, and A Few Tears Were Shed

Posted by Lori Dale On October 16, 2019 Comments Off on MRI: Nails Were Bitten, the Robot Was “Sent”, and A Few Tears Were Shed

On Saturday, Oct. 12, the Gearheads participated in our last competition with our robot “Jupiter”. We started out well winning our first 2 matches, and we ended qualification matches well winning our last two matches. The ones in between were a bit rough, with heavy defense against our bot, and a few close losses. However, postseason competitions are designed for training in new team members and veterans to new roles, so we are happy with our performance. We had 3 new students join us at the competition, and one veteran tried being “human player” for the first time. We ended the qualification matches ranked 14th (out of 33 teams). We were thrilled to be the first selection by the second place alliance captain 2052; KnightKrawler. Who also chose 2491; No Mythic as the third team and 3184; Blaze Robotics as the alternate team.

We competed in semi-finals against alliance captain 5638; LQPV and their alliance partners 7028; Binary Battalion, a fellow hub team, 2239; the Technocrats and team 4859: the CyBears. Our first match was a tie, even after the 5 usual tie-breakers were calculated (!), so that match didn’t count. We won the next two matches.

That had us competing in the Finals, against another fellow hub team, 4607; C.I.S., and their alliance partners; 1816, the Green machine, 2987: Rogue Robotics and 2129 Ultraviolet. We won the first match, and lost the second, sending us into a tie-breaker. While we didn’t manage to take the win we are very proud to say that for the first time in competition we were able to achieve a level 2 climb with a “full send”. There were smiles all around and loud roar went up when that happened!

In the midst of the joy and excitement, it was announced that Co-Chair of the FIRST Advisory Board, Distinguished Advisor to FIRST. and inspiration, Dr. Woody Flowers, had died of medical complications. We were all saddened by Woody’s death and are grateful for all that he gave to so many students and their families. We send our condolences to his family and friends. If anyone would like to donate to the Memorial in his name, there is a link here:


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