Of Regulators and Test Frames

Posted by Lori Dale On October 31, 2017 Comments Off

This week, we got Sir Antsabot running the scissors with Pneumatics.  We installed a regulator to control the flow of air.  That was a very necessary component, because prior to the installation of the regulator, the scissors closed up so fast that it was a safety hazard.  After the addition of regulators we were able to slow them down to a safe pace.  We also had the robot driving around in the Woods Lab.

Here is a before and after video of the sissors 

The group that was working on the Test Frame have it all together, and ready to try out some code. Coach Corey was checking out a few problems with the radio, but we should be able to start working with that robot next week. IMG_20171030_184811963

Hannah, Zach, Taylor and Matt working on the test frame.


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