Our Dean’s List Nominee

Posted by Lori Dale On March 22, 2020 Comments Off on Our Dean’s List Nominee

Until a few days ago, we thought that in addition to the robotics competitions that have now been canceled, the Dean’s List and Woody Flowers winners would not be selected. On Friday we learned that they will be doing phone interviews, and winners will be selected. However, as far as I know, a timeline for this has not been set. Therefore, I thought that I would devote our blog to featuring the Gearheads nominees for each of the awards. That way they can get a little praise for all their hard work.

Dean’s list is an award for outstanding students. Each team may nominate 1 or 2 students. Two winners are selected at each Regional event. Woody Flowers is an award for outstanding mentors. One winner is selected at each Regional. The Regional winners of both Awards advance to Championships.

This week our blog is about our Dean’s list nominee, Natalie Fischer. The nomination essay was a collaboration of several people. This is what we submitted for her nomination:


The Granite City Gearheads would like to nominate Natalie Fischer for the Dean’s List Award.
Natalie stands out among the students in several ways. The most important thing for you to know about Natalie is that she is an essential part of not just our team, but also the Albany High School FRC team. Natalie attends Albany High School. This is her third year in FIRST, and on both teams.
Natalie is a very flexible team member. She has served different roles on each team. Last year she was on the Albany public relations and marketing team. This year she is on the build team. On the Gearheads, she is a leader of the build team and has been the human player, robot co-driver, and driver. In addition, she created the Avatars for both teams and a scouting form that both teams used which was beneficial during qualifications, alliance selection, and playoffs.
She can run a mill, drill press, miter saw, vertical band saw, and all the other necessary pieces of machinery, and do so with efficiency and precision. She continues to be a great role model for young women in STEM activities showing everyone that girls can operate the machine shop tools like the mill. While she primarily fills those roles, Natalie is willing to do any job that she is asked, up to and including cleaning up the shop at the end of the meetings. She is usually the last student to leave for the night, even though she comes from the furthest away.
Natalie has assisted our coach in making presentations at Mini-Minne and Jumpstart. She also helped out at an FTC camp last fall in St. Cloud, and has committed to doing so this summer at summer camps in Albany through COR(E) Robotics.
Natalie is one of our best presenters when we are doing demos at local businesses. For example, at a recent demo at Central McGowan, she was one of the two students who spoke about the team, last year’s game, and FIRST Robotics. She was also a part of promoting FIRST robotics at the Benton County fair last summer.
When she is not busy with robotics, she is part of the National Honor Society, Math Team, Speech team, Jazz, Concert, and Pit band and she’s involved in the Drama club and performs in plays.


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