Our Woody Flowers Award Nominee

Posted by Lori Dale On March 29, 2020 Comments Off on Our Woody Flowers Award Nominee

This week I will be featuring our Woody Flowers Award nominee, Corey Applegate. This is Corey’s 5th year with the team. He became our Coach in the fall of 2015 and has been our Coach, Build Coach and lead mentor since then.

Corey Applegate

This is the nomination essay about Corey was written by Natalie Fischer, with some details supplied by team members.

From the outside, Corey Applegate may seem like any other robotics mentor. However, anyone who’s gotten the chance to work with him would see someone who’s willing to help other teams, a leader, a teacher, an engineer, and someone with a large knowledge of STEM. His enthusiasm for FIRST Robotics is contagious, and it shows when looking at those who’ve worked with him. No matter how long you’ve been part of the team, Corey will always make sure you know what’s going on and you have something to do. Corey has made a huge impact on the team and has helped us build multiple successful robots. His job as a Controls Technician and now as an Automation Technician has given him skills that have been beneficial to the team. Corey has a large knowledge of programming and machinery, which was put to use when our team was selected to beta test both the Limelight and the Falcon 500s. Robot ideas become easier to visualize when Corey makes CAD and lego models of the robot. Four years ago, our team lost our building space halfway through the season. Corey contacted local businesses, and Theisen Design Manufacturing opened up their shop to our team and taught students skills that were used to build a successful robot. Afterward, he worked to regain our original workspace by mending the relationship between the team and school. Corey’s impact on robotics doesn’t end with our team. Two seasons ago, our team joined a robotics hub, and he’s been very active in it. He’s been helping other teams with programming, troubleshooting, the Limelight Camera, and many other things. Corey has also helped rookie teams by lending them one of our previous robots or a chassis, so they can begin learning skills that will be used to build their robot. Corey attends a regional that our team doesn’t compete in to help other teams. He also plays a major part in events at SCSU Jumpstart, a large robotics training event, by teaching multiple classes and bringing in companies for a vendor fair. Over the offseason, Corey volunteered as a CSA. The community has also gotten to experience Corey’s enthusiasm for robotics. Local businesses and our sponsors get to hear his knowledge in the field and see his fervor for STEM and robotics during robot demos and presentations. He also gets elementary school students excited about robotics when helping teach them how to code on code.org day and during their open houses and STEM nights. Corey also helped to start an afterschool Lego robotics club at a local elementary school and teaches robotics classes in the community. Corey has made himself a resource to all FRC teams and the community. He makes sure to keep everyone on the team involved whether it’s their first day or they’ve been involved for years. His enthusiasm for STEM and FIRST can be seen in everything he does.


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