Practice day photo’s and Match Schedules!

Posted by daviddalegearhead On March 29, 2018 Comments Off on Practice day photo’s and Match Schedules!


DSC_0662Cube drop off on the scale

DSC_0721Dropping off a cube in the exchange

DSC_0723successful scale for our alliance!


The following are our matches for the rest of the event! (Please note that times are approximate. They can change if we start running ahead or behind schedule.) 

Match:     Day/Time:      Alliance Color:

Quals 3    Fri 09:14 AM Blue Alliance

Quals 12  Fri 10:17 AM Blue Alliance

Quals 21  Fri 11:20 AM Blue Alliance

Quals 36  Fri 02:05 PM Red Alliance

Quals 45  Fri 03:08 PM Blue Alliance

Quals 59  Fri 04:46 PM Red Alliance

Quals 64  Sat 09:00 AM Blue Alliance

Quals 80  Sat 10:52 AM Red Alliance

Quals 86  Sat 11:34 AM Red Alliance

Alliance Selection Sat 12:00AM (tune in to find out if we make finals!) 

You can watch the livestream at We hope you can tune in to cheer us on!


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